The 1st File from the Black Records

Using her magic to help others is the only way Alex Black knows how to stay out of trouble herself. When Mabel Weathersby asks Alex to find out who mutilated and killed her artifact-dealing husband, she opens an investigation that throws her headlong into a world of violent danger. Now Alex must stay one step ahead of whoever is trying to kill her, while racing to find a deadly artifact before it falls into the hands that those who would use it for great evil.


The 2nd File from the Black Records

Tasked with tracking down a crew of thieves using magic to break into warehouses, Alex and her partner find themselves plunged into the deadly world of trading on the underground black market. When another player emerges, Alex must choose who to ally herself with if she’s to have any hope of rooting out the rogue magic user at the heart of a plot that has much further reaching implications than she could possibly have imagined when she first took on the job.

Praise for Black Magic

Black Magic is one of the best books I’ve read in decades. Of course, I’m usually too busy reading spell books and hanging out with my super hot long-legged Latina stereotype of a girlfriend to waste time on fiction, but I made an exception for this one, and I’m glad I did.

Harry Dresden

Wizard P.I.

Alex Black is way cool. The whole time I was reading Black Magic, I was like, wouldn’t it be awesome if Alex and I could be BFFs? Kick ass girls like us should stick together, amirite?


Vampire Slayer

I didn’t like this at all. The second I found out Alex was a woman, I stopped reading. Magic is for men. There, I said it. Women have no place in wizarding. The casting of spells is very serious business, and we don’t need women crying or making us fall in love with them while we’re trying perfect our craft.


Head of the White Council & Lord of Isengard

(Actual) Reader Praise for Black Magic


Enjoyed the book. Look forward to reading the next!


Dark, mysterious, fast paced with a dash of humor creates a nice balance. Looking forward to the next adventure!


Mark Feenstra’s world is at once both alluring and dangerous (the story’s set in Vancouver). The cast is rich: from a bisexual, succubus-like fae to a chubby millionaire gamer on a no-sugar diet. Throw in a few hundred vampires, a kobold, a couple of secret organisations that would kill you for uttering their name, and a mysterious dark mage, you have got the right cast for a fast paced story.


As a first novel, I can only hope that this heralds more work in the same vein from this author. I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to read more about Alex’s adventures. I’m not sure how to describe this novel: sassy not-quite-grim film noire detective novel meets magic and tech. Better descriptors include engaging, witty, fun and addictive.

Excerpt from BLACK MAGIC

There’s something about being told I’m too cute to be a mage that triggers a serious impulse to force-choke people. Though I’m not even sure I could use my gift to do it, imagining patronizing assholes writhing in agony while I mock them with Vader quotes has proven itself a therapeutic tactic. I’d had to learn the hard way that antagonizing prospective clients is a great way to end up permanently unemployed. in recent years I’d taught myself to smile and wait patiently while they reconcile their expectations with the twenty-six-year-old girl standing in front of them.

Recent News

Black Magic Limited Run Paperback

Paperback proofs for Black Magic just arrived, and now that I know everything looks good, I'm kicking them over to These will be an extremely limited run, available for only one week once they hit the store. This edition will be priced at $18.50, and will...
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Alex Black’s Playlist

Wonder what exactly Alex is listening to when she plugs into her MP3 player? Here are a few songs you're likely to find on Alex's favorite playlist. Be forewarned, some of these songs might be a little heavy if you're not into screamo, hardcore, indie rock, or...
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Black Magic is on Goodreads

Are you on Goodreads? So's Black Magic! Click here to add the book to your To Read list, or wait until you've got a copy of your own and leave a rating and...
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Black Magic Release Date

Mark your calendars! Black Magic, the first installment in the Black Records series, is set to release on June, 28th 2016.

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New Feature: Forthcoming Book Status Page

As a reader, I know exactly what it’s like to wait for the next release in a series. In an effort to keep you as in the loop as possible, this page will be updated to reflect current forthcoming book progress status.

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Black Magic Cover Preview

Preview the first cover design for Black Magic.

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About Mark Feenstra

About Mark Feenstra

If you’ve ever looked at the world around you and thought that it could stand to be a little more fantastical, then you’re well on your way to understanding what attracts me to the world of contemporary fantasy. As beautiful and complex as this life is, there’s something to be said for imagining an additional layer of magic and mysticism, and characters like those in my books get to live out adventures that we can only dream of.
I’ve published over thirty works of fiction under various pseudonyms in my career as a ghostwriter. Black Magic is the first work of fiction published under my own name, but it definitely won’t be the last. Expect more books in the Black Records series in 2017.

Mark is currently working on: The first draft of Black Records #3: Black Ice.

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