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Looking for the Black Records?

The Black Records urban fantasy series has been moved to the pen name Alexis Blakely. Please visit for all Black Records related information.


Why switch to a pen name?

The simplest answer is that I’m planning several future projects that fall across a range of genres. In order to create a clear delineation between The Black Records and those future projects, I’ll be publishing under a few different pen names in the years to come. Some will be open pen names, as Alexis Blakely is. Others will be fully anonymous to give me freedom to try some different concepts without expectation.

Why Alexis Blakely?

If you’ve read the prequel novella, The New Black, you may recognize the name and wonder why I’ve made this particular choice. The easiest answer to that question is because I can! The current publishing paradigm is one in which indie authors are relatively free to make whatever whacky creative choices they want. Since The Black Records books are told from the first person perspective of Alex Black, I thought it’d be fun to publish them under her real name.

When can we expect a book from Mark Feenstra?

I honestly have no idea. I’d love to have something from my new project out in 2018, but I’m not sure that will even be realistic. Beginning August ’17, I’ll be a full-time stay at home dad during the day. That means squeezing writing into my schedule wherever I can, so I won’t be able to sit down and put 14 hours a day into churning out new words. The immediate focus is on publishing a few more Black Records books before taking time to knock out a first draft of the new project.

So no hints on the new project?

Okay, fine. It’s not going to be set on earth, and it definitely won’t have vampires. It may have a bit of magic though.

How do I get notified when this new project is available?

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