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It’s true! Black Market is very close to getting a release date. The best part? That release date is not going to be more than a couple of weeks from now. You read that right. I’ve buckled down to get through revisions, and the book is currently out with Beta Readers who are giving it the final once over to make sure there are no major plot holes. Once I get the final word from them that the story is kicking as much ass as it possibly can, it’s off to the proof reader and then up for sale!

Black Market checks in with Alex six months after the events of Black Market. Tasked with tracking down a crew of thieves using magic to break into warehouses, Alex and her partner find themselves plunged into the deadly world of trading on the underground black market. When another player emerges, Alex must choose who to ally herself with if she’s to have any hope of rooting out the rogue magic user at the heart of a plot that has much further reaching implications than she could possibly have imagined when she first took on the job.

This book was a blast to write, and I can’t wait to get it out into the world for you to read. Stay tuned for updates!

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