Forthcoming Book Status

As a reader, I know exactly what it’s like to wait for the next release in a series. Getting a novel from concept to final product is a multi-step process that involves more than just the author. In an effort to keep you as in the loop as possible, I’ll do my best to keep this page up to date on how far along forthcoming projects are. If you see that date fall too far behind, feel free to fire a tweet in my direction as a friendly reminder to update it.

Last Updated

February 24th, 2017

Black Magic Progress

Black Records book 1 is published! You can buy it today on

  • Everything 100%

Black Market Progress

Black Records book 2 is published! You can buy it today on

  • Everything 100%

Black Ice Progress

Black Ice is in short-term incubation before revisions begin.

  • First Draft 100%

Black & Tan Progress

Book 4 in the Black Records is currently underway.

  • First Draft 8%

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