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New Feature: Forthcoming Book Status Page

Feb 22, 2016

To keep things simple, here’s the explanation from the page itself:

As a reader, I know exactly what it’s like to wait for the next release in a series. Getting a novel from concept to final product is a multi-step process that involves more than just the author. In an effort to keep you as in the loop as possible, I’ll do my best to keep this page up to date on how far along forthcoming projects are. If you see that date fall too far behind, feel free to fire a tweet in my direction as a friendly reminder to update it.

Access the status page at any time by bookmarking the page, or by using the Book Status link in the bottom menu bar.

Publishing books on a consistent basis is something I can only do with the support of regular readers. By striving towards some amount of transparency in my production process, I hope no one is left wondering if I’ve given up or stalled out on a project when it’s really just in the middle of revisions, beta reading, or final proofing. Bear in mind that while I’m going to do my best to keep it as accurate as possible, there are no guarantees that I’ll always be able to stay on top of it. If you’re itching to know what Alex Black gets up to in the next Black Records release, this should at least give you some rough idea as to when you can expect satisfaction.

Visit the Forthcoming Book Status page to see it in action.

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